Monday, June 10, 2013

ToorCon 14 Slides : Malandroid : The Crux of Android Infections

Just uploaded the deck of slides used in ha talk that I presented at ToorCon 14 Security conference in San Diego.

ToorCon 14 : Malandroid : The Crux of Android Infections 

Abstract: The Android platform has been plagued by malware for the past several years. Despite all attempts to detect and mitigate malicious applications on Android, malware is still flying under our radar and getting on our devices and causing millions of users financial and data loss every year. Additionally, the malware analysis community is at a large disagreement on how Android malware should be classified. In this talk, we’ll dive into the tactics, tools and procedures used by Android malware today, including several case studies of exceptional malware samples. By analyzing real code used by malware in the wild, we’ll be able to show the advancements in Android malware from a design perspective.

Enjoy !